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New Jersey Department of community affairs. landlord-tenant information service NEW JERSEY EVICTION LAW N.J.S.A. 2A:18-53 THROUGH 2a:18-84 reprinted february 2008 NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS. and to levy and make the costs out of the goods and chattels of the person in.

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New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Division of Codes and standards landlord-tenant information service GROUNDS FOR AN EVICTION BULLETIN Updated February 2008 An eviction is an actual expulsion of a tenant out of the premises. A landlord must have good cause to evict a tenant. There are several grounds for a good cause eviction.

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Evicting Someone Who Is Not A Tenant. There are times when a landlord cannot pursue an eviction through customary New Jersey eviction procedures. This often happens when someone is in the NJ property that doesn’t belong in the property or is not an individual named in the lease agreement.

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State of New jersey eviction laws While there are some federal laws that regulate evictions and other rental issues, each state also has the ability to implement their own laws. The state of New Jersey has established several laws governing renting and eviction. It is important that both tenants and landlords have a sufficient [.]

A New Jersey landlord is allowed to make "reasonable but substantial" changes to lease provisions at the end of the current lease. You can begin eviction proceedings after providing notice and the tenant refuses the changes. What is "reasonable" will depend on a judge’s opinion if it goes to court.

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