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When you need to vacate a residential property in Somerset County, New Jersey, call Total Trash Removal for prompt, thorough services.

Whether you need to clean a property because of an eviction or foreclosure, we will do it for you. We are in the Eviction Business, Eviction Cleanup is a division of Assisted Evictions, Llc, so we understand the plight that you face after every move-out.

Hoarding Cleanup and Declutter services in Demarest, NJ. Need to Clean Out a Hoarder’s Home in Demarest. When you find yourself wanting help to clean out a hoarder’s home in Demarest, New Jersey, you do not need to look any further than our company for the best service in the country.

Unfortunately, a landlord may encounter a situation where it’s necessary to evict a tenant in New Jersey. In New Jersey, a landlord must have one of several "good cause" reasons to evict a tenant. Except in cases where the tenant has not paid rent, the landlord must outline the causes in written form known as a "notice to quit."

For more information regarding evictions, see the Grounds for an Eviction Bulletin published by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and the Landlord/Tenant Section FAQ maintained by the New Jersey courts. Eviction Defenses for Tenants in New Jersey. It might not always be worth it for a tenant to challenge an eviction.

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