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For those who doubt, look no further than a new case out of New Jersey. On Thursday. threatening voters who lived in public housing or in properties robinson owned with eviction if they did not.

But whether you're the homeowner who recently got a foreclosure notice, a bank, asset management company or a real estate agent, cleaning out a home in.

For more information regarding evictions, see the Grounds for an Eviction Bulletin published by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and the landlord/tenant section faq maintained by the New jersey courts. eviction defenses for Tenants in New Jersey. It might not always be worth it for a tenant to challenge an eviction.

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There are only 17 legal reasons you can evict a tenant in New Jersey. Each reason has its own set of strict rules you need to follow. This article will walk you though the process including which notices to send and when to send them. The first reason you can evict a tenant in NJ is..

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The Sierras are one of 2,226 homeless families from New York City who were relocated by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration.

In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday. The trouble began in the East on Sunday as the storm moved out of the Midwest.

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New jersey law protects both tenants and landlords in a rental agreement. A landlord has responsibilities when renting a property to a tenant, such as maintaining the property. Tenants, in turn, have a responsibility to keep the property in clean condition and to notify the landlord when repairs must be made. New.

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It may be wishful thinking to assume that every new tenant is ideal, paying on time and causing no damages or problems. Unfortunately, a landlord may encounter a situation where it’s necessary to evict a tenant in New Jersey. In New Jersey, a landlord must have one of.