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For more information regarding evictions, see the Grounds for an Eviction Bulletin published by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs and the Landlord/Tenant Section FAQ maintained by the New jersey courts. eviction defenses for Tenants in New Jersey. It might not always be worth it for a tenant to challenge an eviction.

New Jersey eviction for cause law limits landlords to evicting tenants based on 18 causes defined by the law. The causes for eviction include such actions as failure to pay rent, engaging in illegal activity, violating the lease agreement, or disorderly conduct that disturbs the peace of other tenants.

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Landlord Tips: Cleaning Out A Rental After An Eviction The unpleasant work of an eviction often continues for the landlord long after the tenant is gone. In many cases, you will be left with a mess to clean up, since evicted tenants often leave behind both belongings and trash.

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She says PIX11 News is her only hope. She filed for emergency funds through New Jersey’s Department of Human Services. She has been denied three times. pix11 news reached out to NJ DHS. A spokesperson.

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Congratulations on renting your home in New Jersey!. New Jersey. We hope you find this booklet a valuable resource and encourage you. Evictions Due to Foreclosure. 35.. (57) The landlord must keep the property in good repair, clean,

Is there any possible way to have an eviction record removed from your civil record/background check? I made a late payment twice to my landlord and both times he filed papers in court for an.

A New Jersey landlord is allowed to make "reasonable but substantial" changes to lease provisions at the end of the current lease. You can begin eviction proceedings after providing notice and the tenant refuses the changes. What is "reasonable" will depend on a judge’s opinion if it goes to court.