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Eviction As much as landlords may wish differently, one cannot simply kick an unruly tenant out of his or her apartment. A tenant’s apartment is her home, after all, and states have specific procedures in place in order to protect a tenant’s right to stay in their home.

This article focuses on the legal reasons you can evict a tenant in New Jersey, but the principals are relevant to many tenant-friendly states although the specific requirements will vary. In Part 1 of this 3-part series, I highlighted 3 quirky eviction laws that every New Jersey landlord should know and how to avoid potential problems.

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In New Jersey, tenants who’ve failed to pay rent can be evicted without notice.. What’s the deal with evictions in New Jersey?. Knowing how to handle a renter that’s out of control could help you streamline the NJ eviction process so that you can put the nightmare behind you.

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laws regarding sober living homes. I live in a sober living home run by Oxford House. They have homes throughout the U.S. According to them, they. state that they do not have to abide by local landlord/ tenent laws and cite The Fair Housing Amendments Act. of 1988 and Group Homes for the Handicapped legislation. as the basis for this.